KOS company offers high quality services. Based on modern technology, experience, know-how, specialized equipment, and a team of highly qualified staff. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of building materials. We only use manufacture verified materials, possessing certified attests, which guarantee safe and long term usage. We provide our services to investors as well as to general contractors.


We specialize in:

1. Demolition work.

2. Earthworks
a) terrain macro-leveling
b) top soling
c) soil stabilization

3. Road works
a) construction of embankments
b) soil stabilization
c) Foundation compactors
d) cobblestone paving
e) sidewalks
f) stone paths
g) asphalt surface
h) junction rebuilding
i), geotechnical and geological design services
j) landscape architecture

4. Waste reprocessing

5. Transport of materials, waste and low- bed trailer services

6. Construction equipment rental

Contact Us

Our address

ul. Wczasowa 6
33-300 Nowy Sącz

tel: 18 443 99 14
E-mail: biuro@pph-kos.pl

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